Sunday, July 23, 2017

Day 11 - sunday

we sanded corners, drilled holes, stapled fabric, soldered LEDs and cutted handles with the router
...the usual for a sunday !

honestly I was so busy and sweaty I couldn't get a grip on my camera ...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day 10 - weekend - not really

Due to our schedule we work over this weekend ..something we have to rethink the next time ...really but we started later and tried to end earlier ...but we had to move the groups with a stick out of the hall at the end of the day ...every group seems to be pushed and thrilled to see their projects coming to full swing. And I have to say I feel the same, its not the first time I do something like that in general but our students always surprised me everytime again. Its groups like our chill and work chair case - telling them the principles of upholstery - having a piece of plywood backing, place a foam panel around and then wrap it with fabric - easy told, but then you see the group coming in action and there it is ...a wonderful space, cosy and cushy that invites to crawl into - to chill actually.

then the library - reading - bookshelf made nearly entirely out of honeycomb cardboard slices into each other - they cutted for days and finally within an hour the entire thing stands there ...

The team of the sitting landscape added some painted and nicely sanded plywood sheets to their stack of cardboard and in a sudden the thing turned into a wonderful furniture object that invites to relax - don't sit ! Fresh paint ! - ok, got it ...but tomorrow- like these in our orange hall in Delft !

The most visible due to its height is the octagon - 4 position turning seat that allows to sit in many different ways ..first started a bit with the wrong order but then in a sudden everything comes together perfectly and I have to admit - the green foam adds to the overall appearance and makes it so calm - we have to talk to Ahrend ....

Last but for sure not least the team around the Honeycomb Pavillion with their special project for the paper conference in Brussel- they cutted their way through half of a truckload of honeycomb panels, stacked them nice and neatly, ordered them according to their different shape and now started to glue the sheets together and adding led strips - yes this thing will glow - blue actually - and while I made one power supply explode in front of them I scared the hell out of them and questioned my electric installation skills - blue is brown, red comes to blue and this should be here ...normally works - the experts insured me - everything fine its maybe a shitty chin... monday morning product ...ah I should not say that, actually the end of the hall becomes my own trainings camp for the summer school in Beijing 45degrees 87 % humidity ( the last picture shows the conditions the best )  - but the girls keep on and while half of the team had to join a wedding Olga and Dina kept going on - I am impressed about their dedication - they never complain - and I helped with making their life a bit easier by developing a special cable groove tool to run the electric wires invisible within the panels ...still not perfect ...

So but enough for today.

Day 9 - Wroclaw Summerschool - Dont think, just do

We are getting there 9 of our summerschool, honestly we are all a bit tired and the buring sun with temperatures  around 35 degrees also take its toll, we have to figure out hot make ice coffee ...

but with the projects developing everyone recognizes its worth it and we are short before finish. Today we had some visitors and next to the youngest guests who directly started to help cleaning up the mess we also had the Vice Dean of the faculty of architecture in our hall. Joined by Magda from Vectorworks both were impressed what the students had accomplished so far.

How do you know if they like what they see ? If they reach into their pockets and grap their smartphone to take pictures you know for sure they wanna keep some memories and share this with others ...great feeling.

And did we already mentioned that Vectorworks makes young architects smile ? If the last picture isn't a proof !

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 8 - new tools - happy faces

Nothing is better than starting the day with new tools with a set of jigsaws and bigger power drills the work went way faster and some students were surprised how tools without a cord could be so powerful. 18V from festool lets you never miss a cord ...

the progress was visible all over the hall, and honestly when we started we felt a bit lost in the huge space but now with the projects quickly developing more and more space is filled with stacks of cardboard, plywood sheets or nearly finished components.

Our space was a former tram service point and from today on will also serve as the main bus hub for the 10th world games - its like the olympics but for the cooler sports, like beachvolleeyball, speedway, sumo or kayaking - so while we are busy in the hall its also very busy out of our hall.

Here the impressions of today - have to keep it short - pizza and beer at the beach tonight ...again, and with 36degrees highly appreciated ...its work and chill !

Day 7 - festool comes to the rescue

Day 7 - today the long awaited wood arrived and in a sudden everybody was busy and the smell of fresh cut wood mixed into the melange of cardboard ... No beam was too long that could have not been chopped into size and Weronika showed her teammates how to. Piotr was not stoppable to cut cardboard sheets which will transform into cosy seats for their project while Jozefina and Anka were carving to the bents of their freeform shaped projects. While our Honeycomb Cardboard Pavillion team had already done most of the cuts we still have a short on Jigsaws to get the job done in time and our girls already mentioned the quality difference between our festool machines and the other brands we used. In order to get a few machines we reached out to Frans from Festool Netherlands yesterday and he immediately got in contact with the colleagues of Festool in Poland and today a huge grey truck arrived. Out of it jumped a friendly man - "you need tools? we love to come to the rescue ! - So great,  Rafal one of the trainers of Festool Poland took the 2 hour trip to bring us a set of jigsaws and power drills to speed things up.

Its such a great experience wherever we work, knowing that festool is always there to back us up.
Thanks for the support ! We will give the tools back in good shape ! Till then we will use it to the max.

Here some pictures of the day and our Dr. Bucky Lab happy in front of a mobile candy store ....